15 tips for a gift for a woman

26.6.2023 | Articles

Looking for a gift for your wife and don't know what would make her happy? Or do you just want inspiration on what to buy and what not to buy?

In this article you will find 15 tips for a gift for a woman that will surely please her and we have also added to each gift tip verified shops where you can buy a specific gift immediately.

What do you learn in the article?

In the article we have listed 15 tips for gifts that could make your beloved woman happy. Whether it's for Christmas, birthday, holiday or just because.

In the article we also mention a survey of the most unwanted gifts, so it is wise to choose well.

Scroll through the full article to get inspired. Plus, for each item, we recommend a store where the gift can be purchased. We only recommend vetted stores with high ratings.

Kytice jako dárek pro ženu

Flowers as a gift for a beloved woman is essential

Although flowers are not exactly an original gift for a woman, it is still a popular gift.  Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day or just because, flowers are always a suitable and beautiful gift for your beloved woman.

Flowers are not only beautiful but also have a symbolic meaning. For example, roses are a symbol of love and passion, lilies symbolize purity and innocence, and tulips are a symbol of beauty and elegance. Choosing the right kind of flowers for your wife can therefore be a very personal and romantic affair. So, if you want to make your beloved woman happy, try to choose flowers that match her taste.

Flowers are also a very versatile gift that can appeal to women of all ages. If you are not sure what gift your wife would like best, reach for flowers. Even a small bouquet of flowers can be a big and unexpected surprise for someone.

Plus, flowers are very easily available today. You can order them online and have them delivered directly to your home. This means that you don't have to spend hours browsing through flower shops, but you can simply order flowers online and have them delivered to your wife's address.

Flowers are thus still a very romantic and beautiful gift for your beloved wife. Whether you opt for classic roses or something unconventional, flowers are a gift that will light up the eyes of any woman.

Where to buy flowers?

You can, of course, spend some time driving or using other means of transport to visit the florist in person.

Or buy a flower right from the comfort of your home and from your computer. Also great is the aforementioned option of sending directly to your loved one's address with delivery to your wife.

Perfume / fragrance – watch out for it!

Perfume is one of the common gifts for women, but also for men. Perfume can make a woman feel confident and can emphasize her uniqueness, style and personality. In addition, perfumes (sometimes also known as fragrances) are considered luxury gifts, so they also add elegance to a woman's life.

Perfumes have the ability to affect our senses. The right choice of perfume or a pleasant scent can evoke positive emotions and memories.

But beware of one thing! According to a survey of the most unwanted gifts, perfume ranks third. Women do not want perfume or fragrance in 28% of cases. That's not a small number, so be careful to choose the right perfume so you don't buy a bad brand or a perfume that doesn't smell good on a woman.

This can be solved by creating a gift voucher or, if you are unsure, buying a favourite perfume.

Where to buy perfume?

No need to say that commonly in perfumeries. However, a more convenient option is, of course, buying online.

Alternatively, you can try the comparison engine Heureka.cz and choose from different stores.

We recommend the shop Parfemy.cz. This shop offers more than 10,000 perfumes and their rating on Heureka.cz is 4.7 stars, so people are obviously really satisfied.

In addition, the store offers free return of perfume within 2 months and also free shipping over 2000 CZK.

Logo Parfemy.cz
Logo Vivantis

Another shop we recommend is Vivantis.cz. This shop offers free shipping over 2500 CZK and you can find not only perfumes and fragrances, but also handbags, jewelry, watches, etc.

Vivantis also has a very positive rating of 4.9 stars out of five.

Alternatively, you can also try Heureka.cz, where you can choose from different stores.

Book or other literature

Every woman appreciates a different gift. One woman prefers luxury and another woman is happy with a classic book to relax with. However, it is good to know at least the genre that the woman being gifted likes or perhaps what author she likes.

Does a woman like a book that's fun and introduces her to a new culture, or does she prefer wise books that inspire her or teach her something new?

When choosing a book, it is wise to consider the woman's interests and gift a book themed just for her. And if you don't know this, you can simply ask the friends of the gifted woman. Alternatively, you can also choose the option of having a book recommended by a bookstore.  This way, you can discover a book that is just flying by.

Žena čte knížku s kávou

Where to buy the book?

There are plenty of bookstores. We can recommend the online bookstore Dobré knihy with a beautiful Heureka rating of 4.9 stars out of five and its own shop.

As another choice we recommend Důmknihy.cz (Kanzelsberger), which has been on the market for more than 33 years and owns a lot of stores.

Jewelry – a luxury gift for a woman

Jewellery is often considered a luxury gift and associated with elegance or beauty. When a woman receives a piece of jewellery, she may feel special and attractive. Jewellery can serve as an adornment that gives her confidence and highlights her uniqueness.

Jewelry is a permanent object that can stay with a woman for a long time. It can serve as a reminder of your relationship and your love. When she puts it on, she can remember you and the special moments you shared together.

However, it is important to consider a woman's taste and preferences when choosing a piece of jewelry. Some women prefer a simple and elegant style, while others prefer bold and extravagant pieces. Try to focus on a piece of jewelry that matches her taste and that will please her and complement her personality.

Šperk jako dárek pro ženu

Where to buy jewelry to please a woman?

Jewellery for all occasions can be found in the shops below. These stores have high ratings on Heureka, so people are really happy with their purchases.

Logo Šperky.cz

We recommend the Šperky.cz shop, which is one of the top shops focusing on jewellery. This is confirmed by the rating on Heureka, namely 4.9 stars out of five.

The store offers free shipping over 2000 CZK and the possibility of returning the jewelry within 2 months.

We recommend e-shop Šperky4U.eu. This shop sells gold, silver and steel jewellery and piercings. There are of course earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, chains, but also wedding rings and more.

The e-shop has its own store and the rating is 4.8 stars out of five.

Logo Šperky4U

Cosmetics – a difficult choice

Cosmetics are, along with perfume, one of the third most unwanted gifts for women. Therefore, cosmetics, as a gift for women, is a difficult choice. You simply have to hit the cosmetics that a woman actually uses or desires.

It is a difficult choice for men as well in the sense that few men will know exactly what cosmetics to buy or gift. In this case, again, there is the possibility of creating a “beauty” style gift voucher, on which there will be, for example, the amount you will contribute to the woman to buy her cosmetics.

Another option may be simply to ask the friends of the woman you are going to buy cosmetics for, what exactly the gifted woman uses.

Where to buy cosmetics?

You can buy cosmetics in drugstores or specialty stores. Below are shops that are very positively rated.

You can find the well-known DM drugstore on every corner. The drugstore has around 250 stores in the Czech Republic.

On Facebook, the drugstore has a rating of 4.2 stars out of five.

Logo DM
Logo Drogerie ZDE

The HERE drugstore is one of the most positively rated stores. It has 4.9 stars out of five on Heureka and a customer satisfaction rating of a great 99%.

The advantage of this drugstore is that it delivers around Prague, so after ordering you can have the goods the same day.

Greeting card – personal and emotional

Isn't that a card for the little ones? The opposite may be true. A greeting card is a small but significant way to express your wishes, love and support to a woman. A greeting card can be handwritten or chosen with her interests or personality in mind. By writing your own words, you can share your sincere thoughts, wishes and thanks, which adds a personal and emotional meaning to the greeting card. For example, you can write , “Happy Birthday and thank you for taking such good care of us mom”.

A greeting card is often an affordable gift that everyone can afford to buy. Moreover, you can create such a card in our graphic editor.

Where to buy a greeting card?

You can buy the card in a stationery shop or create it in our graphic editor 1.0 or graphic editor 2.0. Alternatively, you can also check out the Heureka comparison engine and choose from a bunch of different types of greeting cards.

Masáž ženy jako dárek

Voucher for massage

Massage is a great way to give a woman a moment of relaxation and rest. During a massage, she can relieve stress and tension, thus restoring her physical and mental well-being. Massage can help relax muscles, improve blood circulation and encourage the release of endorphins that bring a sense of bliss and relaxation.

The Wikipedia article on massage even tells you that there are over 100 types of massage. Wow.

Where to buy massages?

We recommend buying the massage in the form of a voucher on the Zážitky.cz website. This shop focuses on a lot of experiences, including massages. You can also use our graphic editor and for example this pattern for a massage.

This shop has a Heureka rating of 4.9 stars out of five and a 100% satisfaction rate.

Logo zázitky.cz
Pláž, moře a dovolená

Travel – a trip to the sea or a trip

For this gift tip for a woman, we're getting into a different price category, or if you're thinking of buying your wife a gift in the form of a holiday by the sea or in the mountains in a nice hotel. This type of gift will surely not disappoint any woman.

On the other hand, it is possible to choose a less financially demanding day trip or just a weekend trip to the sea or even to a cottage.

,,We set out on the road to our desired destination. Along the way we talked, planned, dreamed and laughed together. The holiday was not only about relaxation and rest, but also about the time we could spend close to each other, exploring new places and discovering the beauty of the world together.”

When we arrived at our destination, our eyes widened at the spectacular view of the azure sea and the sight of the endless beach took our breath away. At that moment, we realized we had made the right decision. We put aside the worries and stresses of everyday life and immersed ourselves in the peace and harmony of nature.

Dovolená u moře

Where to buy a reliable trip to the sea or a smaller trip?

Logo travelking

Travelking is one of the most highly rated portals providing stays not only at the seaside, in the mountains, but also in classic cottages.

The rating on Google has a great 4.6 stars out of five, on Firmy.cz 4.7 stars and on Facebook 4.7 stars. This is proof of client satisfaction and a smooth buying process.

Movie night – cinema tickets

Movie tickets to a good movie are a great way to spend time together and create a shared experience. You get the chance to spend an evening together, enjoying the movie atmosphere and sharing the emotions associated with the film.

If you choose a movie that matches her interests, you show that you are aware of her strengths and want to make her happy. You can choose a romantic comedy, an adventure movie, a drama or any genre you know she likes.

After a visit to the cinema, you can discuss the film together, share your impressions and broaden your horizons. It's an opportunity to get to know each other better and understand each other's tastes and preferences.

Where to buy cinema tickets?

Tickets to the cinemas can of course be bought at the cinema box office or you can book or pay for them on the websites of individual cinema chains.

The websites of the well-known cinemas where you can make a reservation and see the programme are listed below:

  • Cinestar
  • Cinema City
  • Premiere Cinemas

Sportswear / sports equipment

A good tip if you really know that a woman likes to play sports. Otherwise, she might take it as a hint, so be careful…

Obviously we don't need to talk about the fact that sports are great for improving the health of our bodies. As the saying goes, “In a healthy body, a healthy mind.”

Does the woman you are about to buy sportswear or sports equipment for like fitness, cycling, golf or anything else? Does she often talk about something she wishes she had? E.g., new weights, a weighted eraser, a treadmill, a new bike, sportswear, dietary supplements? Think about it and if you can think of something, you've won.

Sportování muže a ženy

Where to buy sportswear / equipment?

If you've ever been browsing the shops with a woman and she mentions wanting that exact thing, you've won again. Jump into the store the next day and buy it. She'll be glad you're paying attention to what she says and what she wants.

Or you can look in e-stores. We recommend these e-stores because they have great reviews from customers who have already purchased.

Fight Store is one of the stores focusing on combat sports. You can find sporting goods for boxing, MMA, BJJ, thaiboxing, kickboxing, taekwondo and more.

The store has a great rating of 4.6 stars out of five on Google and 4.7 stars on Heureka. The store also has two branches in Prague.

Logo Fight store

Concert or theatre tickets

A concert, theatre performance or other similar experience provides an unforgettable experience that can be quite different from everyday life. With this gift, you can offer her the opportunity to enjoy a unique cultural experience that will be etched in her memories.

When you choose a concert or theatre performance that matches her interests and tastes, you are showing that you are thoughtful and supportive of her passion. In this way, you show that you are interested in her hobbies and that you want her to enjoy them. Plus, spending time together will strengthen your bond.

Where to buy concert or theatre tickets?

Many concerts, theatre performances or other events can be found on the well-known portals Ticketportal, Ticketmaster, Ticketstream or Sazkaticket.

New phone

When you think of a gift for a woman close to you, one option comes to mind immediately – a new phone. And why not? Phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, connecting us to others and offering us a wide range of communication, entertainment and organisation options. A new phone as a gift for not only a young woman can be a great way to express care, appreciate her efforts or simply just make her happy.

There is no need to write further about why to get a woman a new phone. A new, quality phone will make everyone happy.

Where can I reliably buy a new phone?

Smarty.cz is one of the reliable e-shops for buying electronics, but of course also for buying mobile phones not only Apple iPhone, but also other brands with android. The e-shop has more than 15 stores.

The store's rating is a great 4.7 stars out of five on Heureka.

Logo Smarty.cz
Logo iphonemarket

IPhone market focuses on new and used Apple phones.

So if you want to buy your wife an iPhone but don't want to spend so much money on it, a good option is to buy a used phone from this e-shop.

The e-shop's rating on Heureka is 4.9 stars out of five.

You may also find the Heureka comparison engine useful. You can easily compare not only the prices of specific types of phones, but also the individual parameters of different phones.

Coffee maker

Coffee is more than just a drink for many women. It's a ritual, a moment of relaxation and a way to indulge in a little joy in the middle of a hectic day. Treat your wife to a coffee machine that makes great coffee.

A good coffee maker allows you to prepare coffee with an excellent taste and aroma. A good quality machine can maintain the right water temperature, which is crucial for extracting the flavour components of the coffee.

A good coffee maker also offers different coffee options such as espresso, cappuccino, latte, filter coffee and more. This way, you can prepare your favourite type of coffee according to your liking and preferences.

Dobrá káva pro ženu

Where to buy a quality coffee machine?

As with phones, we recommend that you compare the parameters of each coffee machine so that you can choose the one that meets your needs. 


A handbag is not only practical because it can fit a lot of things, but also a fashion accessory that can accentuate a woman's outfit.

A handbag can also give a woman confidence and serve as a means of self-expression. A handbag can express her personality, taste and fashion consciousness.

It is quite possible that you may not know exactly what handbag to buy a woman, so simply ask their friends to advise you, because only the right handbag that a woman desires will make her truly happy.

Where to buy quality handbags?

ABOUT YOU is a well-known fashion store where you can find a lot of handbags, but also other accessories and clothes. This store offers more than 500 different brands, so the selection is really huge. If we look at the store's rating, it only has 3 stars out of 5 on the list. So yes, it has a huge selection of nice pieces, but apparently it scrubs sometimes.


About You - logo
Logo Vivantis

We have already recommended Vivantis above when buying perfume. However, this store not only sells perfumes, but also clothes, jewelry and even just handbags or accessories.

Vivantis is very positively rated, with 4.9 stars out of five on Heureka and 98% on Goods.

Walk in nature

Isn't that nonsense? While it may not look like a typical gift at first glance, a nature walk can be a wonderful experience and gift for a woman. Especially if, for example, you are a husband and spend a lot of time at work or giving your time to other activities.

The beautiful views on a walk, the clean air and the pleasant environment of nature can bring a sense of relaxation and recharge you both.

A walk in nature is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time together. You can enjoy sharing with each other, having deep conversations and improving your relationship. Without the distractions of the modern world, you can focus on each other and take in the beauty around you.

Procházka muže a ženy

What are your tips for gifts?

Do you have your own experience, what made your wife happy? Share it with us in the comments. Enjoy.

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